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The online experience to help your dreams take flight

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 This isn't your typical online course. Bob's dynamic style of storytelling will inspire you to take risks and set your own absurd expectations. The accompanying workbook will give you the structure needed to take action on your big dreams. 

Bob has spent a lifetime exploring how to put dreams into action. His voice is trusted by many who saw their dreams stuck in the mud for years. These videos and the accompanying workbook act as an on-ramp to drive you towards those dreams. 

The framework is Bob's personal outline to dream execution. He tackles the many ways we walk away from or around doing what is written on our hearts. You'll engage in 8 videos hearing from Bob's experiences. 

Don't expect to get a routine roadmap on exactly what to do. Instead, expect to be shaken up, motivated and inspired to find your own path to an extraordinary life.  The Dream Big Framework isn't designed to make you feel comfortable, it's designed to challenge you to chase after your dreams and not settle for less. 

What People Are Saying

"I would recommend Dream Big to anyone who feels a deep pinging inside of them to put something bigger in the world. Dream Big will help you unpack your humble 'pings' and give them space to develop into action."

- Alex

"Bob has made what seemed scary and impossible seem possible. He is helping us put wheels on our dreams. If you are serious about taking action and willing to put in the work, this is your opportunity."

 - Sarah 

"This experience has been the best investment I have made for my future. It is the rare opportunity to partner with someone who passionately believes in you and generously gives his time, wisdom and resources to see your dream come true."

- Grace


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